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Get the culture right... and everyone has the potential to be extraordinary!

Get the culture right...
It Takes More than Casual Fridays and Free Coffee

It Takes More than Casual
Fridays and Free Coffee:

Building a Business Culture that Works for Everyone

Culture is the game changer. Get the culture right, and your company and people thrive. Diane’s new book is your front-row seat to building a positive values-based culture in your organization, and in turn gaining an edge in today’s competitive economy. With Diane’s help, you’ll be inspired to be at your best personally and professionally.

Be sure to check out the FREE online workbook, too. In its pages you’ll get the basics, along with exercises and tips to help you build the right culture for your company.

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Meet Diane

Diane’s passion lies in inspiring and enabling others to live extraordinary lives, personally and professionally, and to make a difference. She’s quick to tell you that she believes she lives a happy life because of her faith and the many amazing people in her “village”–family, friends, and colleagues–who encourage her, push her, and believe in her.

Forever grateful, she has devoted her career to helping people be at their best through building cultures where companies and their people thrive!

Living intentionally and staying true to her values are Diane’s secrets to her own success.  She is intentional in everything she does—so much so that since graduating college, every year she writes down her annual goals–intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual. She actually looks at them, too, throughout the year. Even her children started writing down their personal goals in elementary school.

You could say Diane is obsessive. Her family and friends, though, will tell you instead that Diane embraces the ordinary and extraordinary while making wonderful memories along the way.

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JDRF Hope Gala, Convention Center, Raleigh, NC

April 27, 2019  6:00 pm

Love watching my daughter Danielle sing about a world without Type 1 diabetes and, if inspired, please join me in donating for a cure.

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Culture is the game changer, especially for businesses in today’s roller coaster economy. But what is culture?

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Diane has been featured in many publications from Fortune Magazine to The Wall Street Journal.

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“There’s no greater reward personally or professionally than making a difference for others.”

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